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The New Era of E-Learning is Here: How Tablets Revolutionize the Classroom and Home

APR 20, 2020


While no one could have received the coronavirus pandemic, it has only sped up the educational revolution.

In the new reality of distance learning, quarantined students worldwide are benefiting from distance learning – although, for some, this had already become reality in the months and years prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

E-learning is the future of education; as information is released and processed more quickly, so too is the world of education. Changes in curriculum, updates to classroom schedules, personalized lesson plans for different ranges and abilities and more are far more easily prepared and released thanks to some innovative technological classroom upgrades.

Classroom Trends Setting the Trends: the Rise of E-Learning

While not all types of e-learning are created equal, there’s no denying that e-learning is what’s keeping students on their toes, engaged and most importantly, educated!

And learning isn’t just for quarantined kids either; adults of all ages and statuses are similarly embracing the e-learning trend, especially as mandatory lockdowns go into place!

Remote Learning

The easiest technological upgrade of all, this is currently a staple of school ages’ educational programs. Lessons, homework and resources are shared online via email, video chatting platforms and purpose-built platforms.

Online Courses

Rising in popularity even before the coronavirus outbreak, learning online courses allow people of all ages to find something they’d like to learn, and do so at their own pace; whether that’s face to face with an instructor over a video call, or with a pre-recorded, zoom interactive online courses. Sites such as Udemy, LearnDash and Jolt are fantastic places to find and take online courses in virtually anything.


Massive Open Online Courses are free, open online courses that anyone can enroll in. They’re highly interactive and have a massive range of subjects to choose from.

The Benefits of E-Learning

Of course, e-learning is a fantastic resource for both inside the classroom and distance learning, although, during this highly uncertain period, the benefits of e-learning are even more apparent.

  • Learn anywhere: incredibly important during this period of time, the ability for anyone to learn anywhere – just from using a tablet or other device – is the most important aspect.

  • Easy to use, update and distribute: unlike with paper resources or physical books, learning material can be sent, streamed and updated in just the click of a button.

  • Better personalization: whether there’s a range of abilities in the classroom, several specialized learning plans or students needing to be stretched, personalization has never been more tailored, and easy to do: whether that’s setting extra questions, translating something into another language or even adding more assignments.

  • Range of information: in the old days, learning used to be restricted to what was in a textbook, or what was available in the library; nowadays, the range of information available – online, via specially designed apps – is limitless.

  • Instant assessment: the bane of every teacher’s existence, assessment and progress tracking can be automated and even instantly completed (providing students comply, that is!).


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