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Customer Experience (CX)

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Customers’ preferences, expectations and advocacy on brands are greatly affected by their interaction experience with the brand. To build and maintain a good relationship with customers is what many brands find it challenging to do especially in a competitive and disruptive environment.  Customer Experience (CX) thus has emerged as the key strategy to gain a competitive advantage and winning in the age of experience.

Customer Journey Mapping – Know Your Customer

- Brands must know their customers well to be able to create impactful customer experiences. Organizations need to have an intimate understanding on their customer needs and preferences for delivering personalized experiences. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) will allow brands to better understand the needs and moments that matter to customers when they interact with the brand across the different touchpoints.


Customer Experience Design – Define CX Strategy 

- Once the CJM is completed, it is crucial for Brands to have a CX Strategy to guide and focus its CX Transformation program. This will be developed by identifying the gaps and challenges internally and capturing the needs of your stakeholders.

- Combining with the Customer needs from CJM, CX Strategy identify and prioritise the improvement initiatives that can be activated across short, mid and long term approaches.


Voice of Customer – Continuous Listening and Improvement 

- Improving CX for your customer is an on-going process. It is important to stay close to your customer and to measure customer satisfaction in real time to estimate the success of CX strategy.

- Customer satisfaction index can be devised based on regular customer feedback which will give a clear indication about customer perception and the changes in customer needs when interacting with the brand. 

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