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Sonnet Announces Professional, Single-Slot Thunderbolt™ 3 Card Reader for SxS™ PRO X Media

IRVINE, Calif. — Feb. 25, 2021


Compact Reader Supports Maximum Ingest Speeds From All SxS Media, Offers Bus-Powered Operation

What’s New:

Sonnet Technologies today launched the Sonnet SxS™ PRO X Thunderbolt™ 3 Single-Slot Card Reader, the latest model in its expanding family of professional media readers. The rugged Sonnet SxS PRO X card reader features a 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 interface and is powered through the same cable that connects it to the computer. SxS PRO X is the latest version of SxS memory cards developed by Sony® for use as onboard recording media in many past and current Sony and ARRI pro digital video cameras and camcorders.

What It Does:

Compatible with Mac® and Windows® computers with Thunderbolt 3 ports, the SxS PRO X Thunderbolt 3 Single-Slot Card Reader ingests footage from all SxS media at their maximum supported speeds. Designed for demanding workflows, the Sonnet card reader is built with a pocket-size, rugged aluminum enclosure and includes a separate Thunderbolt 3 cable. These features enable users to integrate the reader into any workspace or workflow and pack it easily into a computer bag or backpack.

Why It's Important:

SxS PRO X cards feature an upgraded interface (PCIe® 3.0), enabling them to deliver nearly 3x faster read speeds compared to last-generation (PCIe 2.0) cards. But for a user to take advantage of the performance gains, a card reader with the new interface — such as the Sonnet SxS PRO X Thunderbolt 3 Single-Slot Card Reader — is also required. Not only can the Sonnet reader deliver maximum SxS PRO X ingest speeds of up to 1,250 MB/s — cutting ingest times by more than half compared to previous readers — but it also supports every previous generation SxS card at the card’s maximum rated speed. Enhancing its usefulness, the Sonnet card reader also ingests from XQD™ and SD™ memory cards when used with XQD and SD card adapters, respectively (sold separately).

How It's Distinctive:

Measuring 2.8 inches wide by 4.1 inches long by 0.8 inches high, Sonnet’s SxS PRO X Thunderbolt 3 Single-Slot Card Reader is the smallest SxS PRO X card reader available. Along with a 0.5-meter-long Thunderbolt 3 cable, Sonnet also provides a Thunderbolt connector retainer clip that prevents accidental cable disconnections from the reader. The clip slides over one end of the cable and, by turning a thumbscrew, secures the plugged-in connector. Because of its unique design, the clip remains on the cable when it’s unplugged so it won’t get lost when not in use.


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