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How to Clean Your Xencelabs Devices

February 24, 2021

Protecting yourself, family, friends, and coworkers.


① Power off your tablet and Quick Keys and disconnect all cables.

② Be careful to not allow any liquid to enter the Kensington NANO Lock Slot, USB port and the power slide switch on the tablet and the Quick Keys remote. In order to avoid damaging your products, we recommend only using rubbing alcohol with a concentration between 70 – 75%.

③ DO NOT apply liquid directly to your device. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth, squeeze out any excess liquid, and wipe the top, bottom, and sides of your device.

④ After cleaning, wait for any remaining liquid to dry before reconnecting and powering on your devices.

*Liquid damage on any device is not covered by the Xencelabs warranty

What You’ll Need

Rubbing alcohol 70-75% isopropyl alcohol only

A Microfiber cloth Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items.

Safety Tips

+ Avoid contact with skin, eyes,and clothing.

+ Use in adequately ventilated area.

+ Keep away from all ignitionsources including heat, sparks,and flames


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