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Cable Locks and Security Solutions for Healthcare – Maclocks

MAY 18, 2020


As a busy environment with a constant sense of urgency, bases in the healthcare industry face a unique, doubly problematic issue: the theft of medical support devices, such as laptops and tablets, which contain highly sensitive personal and medical information.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this issue has only become more prevalent: most hospitals are relying on virtual means of treating coronavirus-stricken patients, in an attempt to protect medical staff from falling sick.

As the true-life horror stories regularly confirm, there is a real need for medical centers to secure their devices while paying attention to ease of use, portability, and ease of sterilization.

As the industry leader, Maclocks has the perfect solution to secure every device: cable locks.

How do Cable Locks Work?

Laptop locks and cable locks do just what they say they do – they’re external locks that adapt to fit your device.

They consist of a small wedge that clamps around your device, with an inlet for a cable. Once you’ve inserted the cable, you wrap it around the device you want to secure, and then lock the cable. It’s best to wrap the cable around a fixed place, to really ensure your device will be heavily locked in.

Cable locks work both by securing the device itself from being opened, and also securing the device from being removed as a whole.

What Types of Cable Locks Are There?

There are several different types of cable locks on the market; these are:

Keyed Cable Locks

Similar to a bike lock, these are cable locks that include a key to lock the cable into your device

Combination Locks

Similar to a padlock, these cable locks are secured via a number combination, which you’ll need to memorize before.

Slot adapter locks

Some devices – such as Macbooks – don’t come with a security slot as standard, meaning you’ll need a slot adapter to be able to secure the device. These are external clamps that attach to the device, providing a place to add a securable, lockable wire.

How Can Security Cable Locks Provide Solutions for the Healthcare Industry?

As lightweight, portable and inexpensive ways to secure devices in the healthcare industry, cable locks are a perfect solution.

Every single day, devices are at risk of theft from medical centers, thanks to crafty thieves benefiting from onlookers’ attention being focused elsewhere.

Just conducting some quick Google searches can show roundups of medical center thefts, like this chronicle in a Missouri medicine journal, and which are an ongoing, daily occurrence.

Having such simple, sterilizable and cheap solutions will prevent hospitals from having to replace its devices, while also safeguarding its patient data – all without stretching their (already overstretched) budgets.

Maclocks’ Secure Cable Locks for the Healthcare Industry

Maclocks’ custom-designed and manufactured range of secure, cost-effective cable locks are ideal for the healthcare industry, with a world of practical, effective solutions for every single device in use.

Universal Security Cable Lock Solutions

Maclocks’ range of secure cable lock solutions are adaptable for all brands, coming in a range of secure styles: the Universal Security Keyed Cable Lock is compatible with all standard lock slots, is key-secured, has a 6-foot galvanized steel cable, with loop-ended cable for tethering to anything; the Universal Security Combination Cable Lock has the same features as above, but is secured a 4-dial combination lock, while the Universal Security Keyed Coiled Cable Lock provides the same keyed-protection, with an added coiled galvanized steel cable lock.

Additionally, for more purpose-built and healthcare industry-specific secure solutions, the Rise Medical Rolling Kiosk collection comes with lock slots as standard, for easy securing for devices without lock slots (printers, monitors, other medical devices) in need of securing.

Universal Tablet Solutions

Blade Universal Lock Slot Adapter

The Blade Universal Lock Slot Adapter is adaptable to any netbook, tablet or laptop: with industrial-strength adhesive, the ‘blade’ security slot can be easily attached to any device, without having to cause damage. It’s extremely durable, being able to withhold up to 100lb of force.

Universal Tablet Lock Adhesive Security Plate

The Universal Tablet Lock Adhesive Security Plate is attached to any tablet via industrial-strength adhesive: with a 6-foot galvanized steel cable, and loop-ended cable for tethering to any fixed object, this is an all-in-one (and bestselling) solution to secure any tablet device.

Macbook-specific – The Ledge Collection

Since Macbooks have every different sizing specifications and no lock slots, Maclocks has a specially-designed range just for these devices: The MacBook Pro 16″ Lock – The Ledge is exclusively designed, and takes just seconds to install – a low profile T-Bar cable lock can be inserted into an added lodge-shaped lock slot. There’s no need for device alterations or adhesives: the lock slot adapter is held in place by a carefully hidden screw underneath the device.

The Ledge Macbook Pro Touch Bar Lock Adapter is best for 13” and 15” models (although it’s not compatible with non-touch bar models). It provides all of the above security benefits, with the same screw-only lock slot attachment. The Universal Ledge Security Lock Adapter for Macbook Pro is compatible for most Macbook Pro models, with the added choice of left or right-hand side trackpad mounting for the lock slot adapter. All of the above products come as standard with the added option of a secure cable.

The Ledge MacBook Air Lock Slot Adapter is the smallest of all Macbook lock slot adapters, and is for use with all Macbook Air models (other than the Macbook Air 2018 and 2019 models). It’s available with either a keyed or combination cable lock.


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