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Apple iPad & Samsung Galaxy Tab Hand Grip Security Dock Stand

The new iPad is being referred to as ‘a refreshed version of the current 9.7″ iPad’, and Compulocks has also confirmed its full line of iPad Locks as relevant security solutions, including the iPad Kiosk (Table Stand & Floor Stand). For devices that are publicly displayed in common areas, such as libraries, classrooms or faculty rooms, the tamper proof frame provides the new iPad 2018 with a most secure solution.

Compulocks’ Grip & Dock New iPad Stand is highly recommended as a secured tablet mobility solution as teachers are constantly on the move even around their own classroom. With the ergonomically designed hand grip, faculty members can comfortably take the iPad with them as a ‘grab and go’ device and then leave it safely docked on their desk when their done.

Compulocks entire line of new iPad 2018 security solutions are available now, visit

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